Lake Howell High School Athletic Complex

Winter Park, FL
  • Construction Manager
  • Concrete

Services Provided: Construction Manager at Risk with GMP

Having extensive knowledge of the items that commonly fail in a schools’ infrastructure are this $27 million GMP included the construction of a new 2-story 46,000 SF building that will house21 teaching spaces, 4 science labs, and an Early Childhood Lab and Classroom. Construction consists of masonry block and brick, steel joists and deck, and a single-ply PVC membrane roof over lightweight insulating concrete. The building will be powered by a new dedicated electrical service main and will be conditioned by new air handling units that will be fed chilled water from the existing central energy plant. Science labs will include fume hoods and gas. A temporary chiller, which will be powered from the existing central energy plant, is also included for the four months preceding substantial completion.
To make way for the footprint of the new building, rerouting of existing domestic water, stormwater, sanitary, site power, and systems lines is also included. The GMP also included a complete renovation of an existing 21,000 SF Auditorium and the demolition of Builds 8, 9, and 10 once the new building is completed and occupied.

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